Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Jessica Simpson's Workout for Daisy Duke's role

I'd done this workout and it took me approximately
1 hour and 30 minutes! I must say that was including reracking
and walking to machines
Calories burned: 660 kcal
For warm up, I ran at 7.5 instead of 6.5
and for the last cardio,I made it to 10 minutes instead of 8

I'm going to try this workout before using a new program
created by my friend, Anip Statham for me
(after my next trip)

Warm up
10 minutes on treadmill at 6.5 mph

The workout

3 sets x 20 reps dumbell rows (both hands) in squat position
3 sets x 20 bodyweight squats
3 sets x 20 lying triceps extensions
3 sets x 12 reverse lunges (per leg)
3 x 15 squat jumps
3 sets x 18 biceps curls 
*superset with*
3 sets x 18 lateral raise
8 minutes treadmill run at 6.5 mph

3 x 20 incline crunches
3 x 18 leg extensions
3 x 15 forward lunges (per leg)
Walking lunges

8 minutes treadmill (walk to jog)

I can conclude that this a full body workout 
that target big and small muscles
Can't wait to see how many calories are burned

Arghh too many lunges in this workout
I hate lunges so very damn much

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