Wednesday, February 13, 2013

About priority, frustration and self ignorance

My son had been sick for whole week
He had diarrhea and fever but fever gone after 2 days
The diarrhea was quite severe as he will throw out whenever after/during he drank milk
and eating
And he pooped like flood, I think he pooped all the times like after changing his
diaper, he will poop again, change again poop again over and over
This whole poops all the times thingy made his butt became blistering and redness
He cried in pain

I was godamn exhausted, lack of sleep and feel angry (I have this feeling when
I'm in very tired mode) but of course I didn't release to my darling baby.
Yes I did cry but not in front of my son.

I planned to do my wo at home when my son slept but he liked a motion detector,
when I was about to do my wo, suddenly he opened his eyes and cried a river
It was like that or he pooped during his sleep
I remembered when I'd  already changed to wo clothes, and then he pooped a lot 
until the poop ' fell' on the floor (he slept in cradle) 
Wow, I think that's it.. I don't want to wo until he recovers.
My feeling? Devastated and angry (to myself)
Diet also ke laut, I didn't cook, I just grabbed whatever accessible and easy
easy means foods that I don't have to cut or wash
and ate what my moms bought, usually nasi lemak/nasi ayam goreng
Exhaustion + poor nutrition + not active + bad emotion = lethargic
I gained 1.2 kg!!

My darling baby is my top priority, so I willingly to sacrifice for him
but if he sick again in the future, I will take care of my foods.

I love you so much!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Fitness gadgets wishlist

I'm progressing!! *woot woot*. Already had 8kg dan dah boleh swing, push & press, clean & jerk dengan jayanya. Please don't mention snatch, memang x master lagi, asyik bang belakang wrist jer. BTW this brand memang smooth dia punya handle, xde peeling mcm brand lain kat kedai(sakit tangan beb!)

Ecehhh tak menahan kau nak pull up bar! Macam la pandai tp practice makes perfect kan, mula2 tu boleh support pakai kerusi dan boleh gak buat hanging leg raises (good for abs)

Kalau biasa tengok The Biggest Loser mesti tau benda ni. Dah jumpa orang yang jual benda alah ni yang tak perlu tebuk siling pun, harga ratus2 jugak tapi masih ok laa..masalahnya bila nak beli pon tatau hihi, bestnya 
kalau ada rumah sendiri pastu ada bilik khas dijadikan mini gym!!

Untuk mobility exercise / ease tightness atau bahasa paling mudah kalau lenguh2 tu ko berguling la atas ni, ala2 pengurut jugak. Video boleh tengok kat livestrong atau youtube, search ajer Ashley Borden

p/s - ada blog rupanya aku!