Saturday, December 3, 2011

Get Naked 2

I was at my utmost joy when I visited Sephora last 3 months
Initially I just wanted to look around and play with the cosmetics
without any disturbance by the SA and MA
I stopped by at Bare Escentuals rack and turned back..then
walla!!! Urban Decay Naked Pallette!!! The most sought after
pallete from Urban Decay. I tried to buy online but it costed more
than rm200++!! ARAMAKSS

"I'm so getting this, I wanna buy it" told to my DH
"ok belii belii" hahaha
Back home tried the pallete, most of the colors
are glittery but the colors payoff are good and lasting..
yup we'll get mini size UDPP too where the function is to
make the eyeshadow stay put
so the colors are lasting for a loooong time!

I'm not really to give a review here
but when I'm so excited to get naked LOL
suddenly, Naked 2 is released
my oh my...
there are 5 new colors in the palette
matte finishing instead of glitterish so it is more wearable
for work
but nothing much different between these two palettes
let's look at the pixx

Naked 2
Comparison between Naked 1 and Naked 2

*pictures credit to

The palette will be released in December in US
and around February worldwide
so are you getting naked?

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