Monday, May 28, 2012

Jamie Eason 30 days knockout body n silly me

My workout plan for holidays is doing Jamie Eason
30 days Knockout Body which means it should start today
but I'm so silly for not bringing my notebook that contains all the
exercise plans!!*knocking head!!*
Arrived in the gym, I did my own upper body workout..
haven't feel the sore yet, don't know the workout was effective
or NOT :(

Here are the breakdowns for today's workout

5mins warm up
2 mins stretching


1. Wide grip lat pull down  x 3 sets x 30kg
2. Seated cable row x 3 sets x 39 kg


1. Alternating dumbell curl x 3 sets x 3kg each hands
2. Incline hammer curl x 3 sets x 4kg each hands


1. Rope pull down x 3 sets x 30lbs
2. Standing dumbell triceps extension x 5kg


1. Ez bar upright row x 3 sets x 10lbs
2. Shoulder press x 3 sets x 5kg each hands


1. Dumbell bench press x 2 sets x 5kgs each hands
2. Dumbell flyes x 3 sets x 5kgs each hands
3. Chest press x 1 set x 15kgs


1. Seated leg tucks x 15reps x 3 sets
2. Plate twist x 30 reps x 3 sets


5 mins warm up
10 mins HIIT  (5x sprints at 8mph, 5x fast walk at 6mph)
5 mins cool down

It took me 1 hour and 15 mins to finish!

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