Tuesday, December 21, 2010

If your not into Brown Rice

I know that some of you
can't tolerate with brown rice at all
the smell, the taste is kinda yucky
When it's boiling in the rice cooker
it emits smell that I don't know how to
But I can eat almost everything
drink everything even the smell quite
even the taste quite gross as long
as it healthy
I'm a health nut!

I want to introduce
a brand of good white rice
The total carbs is less 70%
less than other brands
This rice is good for diabetic
patient and those who are on diet!!!

The price is kinda expensive
because the rice is only can be found
in India
The brand is Beras Taj Mahal Faiza Herba Ponni
other brand of herba ponni also do the justice
but I just find cap Faiza only

Try them, the texture is soft
Better still, BROWN RICE is the best!!


  1. MIL uses this when we back to KB...but we eat rice seldomly...but i do say..this would be the subsitute for brown rice...eventhough i'm ok with any rice..even the taste is soo dmn yucky

  2. wow then makan apa??
    rice is staple in my family

  3. my mom mkn beras taj mahal ni coz she got high blood pressure n within 3mos she lost almost 7kilos. tp beras ni mmg mahal lah kan..

  4. oh... no... beras ini sgtla tidak sedap.... tapi utk kurus... y not kannnn.... huhu... thx for the info sis!

  5. mel - haa kan beras nie mmg bagus
    sis mimie - masak lauk sedap2 so nasik tak le terasa sgt

  6. hm..most of the time when we back to KB, we eat the dishes..rice is only side dish..huhuh