Monday, November 29, 2010

1 of 7 deadly sins

Which one of the seven sins I fell into?



Lust?!, shopping shopping!!

Not a chance.. I don't have anything good to show off!

Not really but I'm quite good in doing poker can I blame my amnesia as well?

Heck for those who are trying to make me jealous. My jealous percentage are toooo low!
I'm a secure person *cough cough*

So, what left????!!!


It's is


These were what happened on the weekend
The husband was totally craving for steak, which brought us to 
TGI's Friday and I suddenly wanted to eat ribs.. SUDDENLY??
Suddenly my ass
Not enough with the ribs, I also ordered brownie obsession
Then only discovered that calorie for brownie obsession 
is freaking 960 per serving with total fat of 36g and total carb is
*baru terhegeh nak search kat application blackberry, masa nak
order tak reti nak fikir plak
So, I shared with the husband..I think I only ate half of the brownie

Sunday, I went back to my mum's house
She rang me told that she cooked fish head curry
I rarely eat curry but hers is super marvelous fantastico!!! I rushed back
to Putrajaya
Not only fish head curry but there were also big udang galah and
telur ikan mayung(?). Not the normal fish egg that we always see
but this one is rounded fish egg..dunno how to describe..
People from northern maybe know especially Penangite

We (mum, sis and I) went to KL city to tempah baju
On the way back I asked my sister to call her husband 
to cook me dinner
He is a chef at a restaurant in KL...bidang masakan western
but I had enough kot western food so I asked him to tcook me
keotiau tomyam..lighter meal sikit
Went back to mum's house and took dinner at 6
Lighter meal but big portion..well he cooked for
his sister in law kan haha
Tapau dinner for the husband and off to Puchong

This is the foods summary for the wholeee weekend..bare in mind, NO calories out during the weekend *blah*

Breakfast -1 bowl Nestle Fitness cereal
                 chocolate milk

Lunch - 
                                          Tennessee Glazed Ribs (omit the fries)

                                                       1/2 of Brownie Obsession

Many sips of iced lemon tea

Dinner - A bite of chicken nugget

Breakfast - SKIP
Lunch - 3 scoops of white rice
             fish head curry, tomatoes, lady fingers
             fish egg
             sambal belacan 
Dinner - Keotiau tomyam
Snack - 1 spoon of ice cream

I've had to reduce the calorie amount on Monday and work my ass off in the gym. Wait for
the next entry---->PAYBACK TIME!

By the time I'm writing this entry.. I already went to the gym and workout for 150 mins!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Sexy from Head to Toe Omaigod!

Hi hello
Not blogged yesterday as I planned
to merge with today's entry...
Something not really good happened that made me
did not go to the gym..sometimes I think that I led by emotional
type (not all the time!).. You know what, when the "thing" happened,
I went binging on fried rice..not good right, I should instead did something
like running around the condo area sambil maki2 :))

So today I decided to be a good girl, I went to MTV Dance class.
.this was my second class..I was pancit during the first class
Basically, it was a dance that you can watch in the MTV channel
Warmed up with Usher's song OMG and ended with Ja-rule's song
yang diteknokan! The instructor incorporated hiphop, salsa and
some other moves but there were lots of Beyonce's moves
I tell you! Booty spanking shaking and shake the hands to the chest in and
out LOL..and jumping here and there
Maybe in the next five years, you'll see me in
a video clip dancing next to Ne-Yo (harktuih)
My drink left half of the bottle for the
first 30 minutes of the class!!

Stretching down 

Then  I continued workout by joining spinning class conducted by Mr.Chandra
Spinning class was a badass!! I had to turn the resistance like four times
and he asked to pedal standing and sitting.
I was caught in action, I cheated by not elongated my torso 
when  I pedalled while standing. I'm a newbie what to expect? 
I showed Mr.Chandra dying sign and he said oklah, take your time. 
For this class my drinking water left quater of the bottle for only 5 minutes time!

After the class I just did some abs workout...Overall
I hoped that I was burned at least 500 cals
compensating of not doing any exercises yesterday

Let us move to the diary

25 Nov 2010

Breakfast - Oatmeal with strawberries
Lunch - 1 scoop of white rice
             Tumis air lala
Snack - Keropok goreng 2
Dinner - 3 scoops of fried rice
              Keropok goreng
Snack - Dutch Lady chocolate milk


26 Nov 2010
Breakfast - Tuna sandwich (wholegrain, lettuce, tuna in water)
Lunch - 1/2 scoop of fried rice
Snack - 1 wholegrain Gardenia bread
Dinner - 2 scoops of white rice
              Sebelah ikan kembung masak asam rebus (plus bird's eye chili  and diced tomatoes)
               Sambal kicap daging(plus carrot and tomatoes)
Snack  - Dutch Lady chocolate milk

1 hour dancing
45 minutes spinning class
Abs exercise (front, left middle) 45 reps
Oblique crunch

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Me now and THEN!!

I woke up pretty late today so I missed my breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal because it provides you energy throughout the day and you won't binge during lunch or dinner. We even allow to take 'heavier' dish for breakfast! Let see today's diary...


Lunch - 1/2 scoop of white rice
             1 cup sauteed spinach
             2 egg whites omelet
Post workout - 1 Gardenia wholegrain
                        Dutch lady chocolate milk

These are our dinner (buruk gila food presentation haha btw 1 isolated chicken wing for the husband)

- 2 1/2 scoops of white rice (bertambah ko!)
- Tumis air lala (healthy..put ginger, lemongrass, garlic)
- Omelet (ate the lettuces)
- Stir fried cabbage with anchovies (tiru Sayyed bwahaha)

- 40 minutes of interval training (burned 250++cals)
- 20 minutes riding bicycle (burned 90 cals)
- 30 minutes elliptical (150cals)
- 5 minutes abs exercise

I burned approximately 500calories!! Yahoo!!!

I'm on 1200-1300 calories diet and 1400 on the weekend :)) The rule of thumb of losing weight is
calorie out > calorie in, meaning that you have to burn more than you consume. Don't worry too much you also burn calorie while your sleeping but only 48 calories per hour. Just be active during the day!!

THEN (2009)

NOW (2010)






Tuesday, November 23, 2010

23rd Nov 2010


Breakfast - 1/2 glass Dutch Lady choc milk
                  1 hard boiled egg white
Lunch - 1 wholegrain Gardenia bread
             Chicken soup (breast)
             1/2 cup cauliflower & carrot
Dinner - 1 1/2 scoop of white rice
              Sambal daging
              Bak choy with prawn
Supper - 1 glass Dutch lady choc milk

*I had a session with my trainer today

Warm up
- Walk, jog and run for 16 minutes
Strength training
- Inner thigh machine
- Outer thigh machine
- Leg extension
- Leg curl
- Squats

- Had 3 different kinds of movement (manual)
- Abs machine (target front,left n middle abs)
- Plank

- Lower back machine
- Lat pulldown

- 15 minutes of walk, run and sprint on treadmill

Time to cut the fat

As some of you know
I've gained weight, pretty too much for
only 7 months
yes after my wedding..I put on freaking 6kgs!!
Me myself could not believe that (6kgs in 7 months)
People around me started to talk about my 'chubbiness'
Am not in denial because I do feel discomfort in my skin
FAT is more than lovepounds that always been preached
by Khloe Kardashian when she gained weight after got married

Well, to solve this world problem (in me)
I registered myself to a fitness centre and
cook my own meal, my husband's too..
Less oil, less salt and less everything for me (ONLY)
Satisfied that I can skinned off the chicken
Ripped all the fats and diminished the unnecessary


Weight: 53 kgs
Fat % : 33.5%
Muscle mass : 34kg
Visceral fat rating :4
Metabolic age : 36
Ideal weight body : 49kgs

- My significant other who always remind me to go to the gym and ask what did I do in the gym, which body parts you've trained and what class did you participate hehe :)
- My online fitness friends (Asd, Sis Pauline, Sue, Sis Syira, Sis Leena to name a few) when I feel down and wanna slack off, they are always by my side giving advice and nice words.
We've been through this journey for more than two years up and down. I love them so much!

1. Go to gym as much as I can
2. Start to blog my foods intake and exercise activities daily
3. Portion control ( I eat everything bcoz I don't want to deprive myself)


* I'm more concern on fat loss rather than weight loss. My target of fat % is 22%!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Are you genuine or fake enough?

Hi hello
Idea untuk entry kali ni tercetus daripada satu insiden
which was happened yesterday!
I don't want to tell about the incident which it is not my focus
Walaupun it left me a scar but my heart is still bleeding love
Nevermind I already forgave those who were related in this thingy

"I forgive and forget because I forgive easily, errrr no I will forgive but I don't forget"
~Kimora Lee Simmons~

Yeah Missy Kimora, look like we have the same trait!





Okay we go to the main topic. I wanna ask you guys, if you want to buy something, do you concern about its authenticity or originality or
you don't care at all?
Why you don't care?
Why do you still buy fake Louis Vuitton Neverfull totes
or why do you buy Ifeng instead of Iphone?
M.A.C makeup, Adidas sportshoes or even car's accessories for the man?
Don't care mind as long as it resembles the original?
Or you don't have enough money to buy the original?

IMHO, buying fake stuffs is like you support the plagiarism atau perbuatan mencurik!
Let's imagine if someone copied your assignment/paperwork
then, claim it is theirs
sure dalam ati
wattafak this biatch/faggot sesuka ati tiru pastu cas keje aku sbg hak milik dia?
itu kalau kita tahu, kalau kita tak tahu dan dia jual pulak assignment/paperwork tu macam mana?
you need more vocabularies to utter your 'good' sayings rite :)

How about if Mr Karl Lagerfeld found out that there are millions of
The actual price (jumbo size) is arnd RM12K in Malaysia
and for Chanel replica grade  AAA is RM150-RM200.
He (Karl Lagerfeld) has the right to sue the penciplak and those yang beli beg tiruan itu.
Sama macam dulu polis rampas CD tiruan.
I'm not sure hukum dalam Islam macam mana?

My principle lah kan, kalau tak mampu beli branded yg mahal ok forget it, I cari yang branded jugak tapi kurang mahal..
For example idaman hati almost every women
si simple but sweet Miss C classic flap tu *drooling*
daripada beli yang cetak rompak harga RM200 tu
baik la tambah RM30-50 lagi
dapat GUESS handbag yang original you!:))
Sama jugak dengan yang lain2
tak mampu den nak beli lotion La Mer
lotion Safi Balqis pon can do lah
janji tak menyokong hasil2 curi ni
 or buy yang tak berjenama or
yang biasa2 dr China ke Thailand ke
kan...cantik jugak actually!
Till then
daaaa :)
footloose note 1: tepuk dada tanya selera, kalau selera besar ongkos mesti mau besar juga..kalau tak sendiri mau ingat haa!

footloose note 2: cari duit dengan cara yang halal ye..jgn curi duit orang atau rompak bank!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Awakening of Gorjeslah!

Hi hello..still remember me? NOTTT!! OK fine it's ok ;)
Right, pada siapa2 yang ingat, I used to have a blog under this account kan
mainly pasal fitness, then ada sedikit issue so I decided to delete the blog
Naper tetibe gatal bukak balik blog?




Ehhh napa gambar tidur pulak nihh???!!!!

You maybe laughing reading this, I just woke up from my evening sleep nap. I had a dream about how boring my holidays would be..yela nak dekat 2 bulan kot coti!! Sangap takde benda nak buat. OK balik ke mimpi, I macam dapat hidayah salah satu cara nak kurangkan stress dan boring is to blog! Bila bangun terus gigih la cari template, nuffnang bagai hahaha.


Mostly about everything except career kot. I want this blog to be a chillex (chill + relax) blog. But sometimes, akan diselitkan juga dengan current issues. Kalau diikutkan my interests are in beauty, fashion, health, nutrition, fitness, FOOD, shopping and entertainment. Memang typical perempuan. Please do expect a lot of reviews from me.

I dunno if I will update the blog regularly or not, it is depending on the situation and free time (I have a lot starting from next Wednesday)

Till then